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Issue d'une famille de vignerons, Giulia Negri a voulu faire les choses à sa façon. Elle a donc planté des vignes de chardonnay, de pinot noir... et bien sûr de nebbiolo, sur l'appellation Barolo! Avec l'idée de faire des vins modernes, en harmonie avec son dynamisme, Giulia se plaît à parler de son chai comme d'un garage: humain, vrai, tout en simplicité!



Barolo La Tartufaia fiche technique

Pinot Noir La Tatrufaia fiche technique



"I planted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on very special terrain, near a forest known for its truffles, along with cherished Burgundy clones. The Barolo, on the other hand, I let grow laboriously on warmer, sandier terrain. I produce Barolo because I believe it will be the work of art of the future – a mix of ancient polish and modern harmony; a flagship in the winemaking world from America to Asia. "


"My wines are aged in a small number of barriques, many tonneaux and some large barrels. The Pinot Nero and the Langhe Bianco are aged in wood barrels for at least 12 months; the Barolo, at least thirty months. I then like to keep my wines in the bottle for a long time. Good ol' glass has its share of secrets too!
My garage is tiny. There are only four of us in there. We do all the work. We take care of the vineyard, make the wines and travel around the globe to sell it. But we also have to face many adversaries: hail, frost, drought and, worse yet, the High Priests of the wine world – those who know all but understand little. A good "garagiste" knows that she knows not. She knows that winemaking is an art: the art of continuous trial and error. She keeps on trying until she succeeds to make the world's best wine."